Restoration Services for Residential and Commercial Property


Unsightly, hazardous property damage can hamper your effective use of the property and can also bring down its value. Only professional property damage repair and property restoration services can return your building’s lost efficiency, beauty and value.

If any avoidable or unavoidable tragic event has damaged your home or commercial property, call All Flooring Wholesalers for property restoration services. Our property restoration experts assure you of prompt restoration services and outstanding damage repair and remediation results. We believe in not just coping with a disaster, but taking control of it. We extend thorough damage repair and restoration services that eliminate all traces of the disaster from your property. The top priorities of our property restoration services are to:

  • Minimize your property loss and time loss
  • Get your life or business going again
  • Bring your property to its original condition
  • Ensure your 100% satisfaction with our property restoration and damage repair work

Damage Repair and Restoration for Fire, Smoke and Water Damage


We offer a wide range of property restoration services, including:

  • Water damage repair and restoration
  • Fire and smoke damage repair and restoration
  • Mold removal and remediation

We are committed to serving all our customers with damage repair and restoration services that are nothing short of the best. That’s why we have invested in highly advanced damage repair equipment and skilled damage repair technicians. The excellent infrastructure is supplemented with our extensive industry experience and complete confidence in our damage repair and restoration capabilities. We can be trusted to handle any big or small property restoration and repair job seamlessly, from start to finish.

Why Choose Us for Property Restoration?


Your residential or commercial property is most likely one of your biggest investments. When it gets damaged and has to be restored, you must take care to hire the right property restoration services. Choose us for your property restoration job and rest easy that you and your cherished asset are in good hands. We offer honest and diligent property restoration services delivered in a well-organized, cost-effective and friendly manner. We strive to get you through the stressful experience and reduce the:

  • Structural damage to your property
  • Financial loss to you
  • Emotional impact on you

Don’t panic when any disaster strikes your property. Remember, we are here with quality property restoration services to help make your property and your life normal again. Turn the clock back on disaster! Call All Flooring Wholesalers at 253-217-4227 for fast and efficient property damage repair and restoration services.


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