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Vanity Tops, Sinks and Backsplashes to Enhance Your Bathroom



Vanities are one of the most striking features of all bathrooms. It is very essential that the bathroom vanity tops, sinks, and backsplashes be very beautiful as they are the first thing to catch the eye when one enters the bathroom.

Come to All Flooring Wholesalers for superior quality bathroom vanity tops, backsplashes, and sinks that are ideal products to complement your artistic vanities and enhance your bathrooms. We specialize in bathroom vanity tops that are:

  • Attractive custom vanity tops
  • Highly durable custom vanity tops
  • Stain resistant custom vanity tops
  • Easy to clean and maintain custom vanity tops

You can count on us for exquisitely designed bathroom vanity tops, sinks and backsplashes that are installed most efficiently and professionally.

Bathroom Vanity Tops Available in a Variety of Colors and Sizes


Not all bathrooms and bathroom vanities are the same. So, we understand your demand for custom vanity tops. We meet it by offering a wide selection of bathroom vanity tops to suit diverse preferences, size specifications, and budgets.

We also realize that when you shop for new bathroom vanity tops, you hope for two things – first, that the vanity tops will add to the bathroom’s aesthetic appeal; second, that the bathroom vanity tops will serve you well for years to come.

All your needs and expectations will be fulfilled when you make us the source of your bathroom vanity tops. We provide you with custom vanity tops that are the:

  • Right size
  • Right style
  • Right color
  • Right quality

Custom Vanity Tops * Design Your Own to Match Any Decor



Even the most stylish and expensive of bathroom vanity tops can turn out to be poor purchases if they don’t blend well into the décor of the bathroom where they are installed. Therefore, you stand to get the maximum value for your dollar only when you opt for custom vanity tops.

We offer you a chance to design your own bathroom vanity tops in styles, materials, and colors of your choice. By opting for our custom vanity tops, you can make sure that the bathroom vanity tops you get are the perfect match for your bathroom’s:

  • Architectural style
  • Existing fittings
  • Overall décor

Indeed, our custom vanity tops are a great investment that not only makes your time in the bathroom pleasant, but also help make the bathrooms one of the key selling features of your property.

Trust All Flooring Wholesalers for custom vanity tops that are perfect for your tastes and requirements. Call 253-299-6076 now!

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